Stories for My Dog


“This book is for the dogs (and the people who love them)”
– Mother Nature Network


Written to be read aloud to dogs, Stories for My Dog features inspirational stories about all kinds of dogs and their people. Silly Dog ends up in the Pound but luckily has a smart family.

A fire at the Canine Beauty Parlor means Glam Dog learns a lesson about beauty on the inside. An old Farm Dog collie gets a new job as a stud dog. City Dog Jefferson finds out who he really is when he has his first swim in the ocean.

Bonehead the Bone Dog loves bones and his sharing of one brings a new dog pal into the family. Precious Dog might be a pampered Chihuahua but he bravely catches a thief who steals his person’s purse.

Buddy Dog sniffs love in the air for him and his person as danger approaches. Barking Dogs Boss, Floss and Sinbad are three dogs whose love of barking makes them musical sensations. Angel Dog the foster dog is the catalyst for a mute foster boy to start talking.

Cat Dog Missy is granted a wish by the magical King of Cats for her kindness to cats. Stick Dog‘s passion for sticks makes him an internet and TV celebrity. Tricky Dog Belle is so good at tricks she saves her dog pal, Spider. Crazy Dog Red finds serenity, eventually.

Puppy Dog has so much to learn until something happens that changes everything. Lucy is a deaf dog who saves her family from mudslide by sensing an approaching earthquake in Hero Dog. A Husky is such a Clever Dog he wins every title going including AmCH and Therapy Dog.

These life-affirming stories about things dog love; you, company, food, dog pals, treats and activities can be personalized by including your dog’s name and adapting the stories to suit you and your dog.Stories for My Dog is written especially for dogs and their people and features words most dogs know like ‘treat’, ‘walk’, ‘good dog’.

You and your dog will love Story Time. Reading Stories for My Dog to your dog adds a new dimension to you and your dog’s world.

Order this unique, one-of-a-kind book and forge a new, deeper and more rewarding connection with your dog.


Praise for Stories for My Dog


“I now feel a lot closer to Popsie …I sincerely hope Stories for My Dog will be read and enjoyed by future dog-loving generations to come” Martha Cornish for Dogs Monthly magazine, October issue. {See the full Dogs Monthly Book Club review here.}

“I love these stories reading them to your dog helps bonding. Dogs seem to really like it when their humans talk to them.

This book contains some easy-to-tailor short narratives that enable you to be an instant storyteller to your dog. It’s easy to get creative and expand on the book’s entertaining content.

If you have new dog, especially a rescue, (or work with rescues) hearing your voice “talking” to them, especially in a conversational tone with their name and perhaps a couple of other words that they might recognize mixed in seems to relax them.

In my experience with rescues it seemed to facilitate bonding and trust.” Dave Doak, USA

 “Great book! My human read me the story, we cuddled, she gave me a treat, and then I had a nice nap. Ahhh … a dog’s life is good when you own a human who loves you!” Linda in Arizona, USA

“5/5 stars – So cute – I have always told stories & played the tickle bear game. All my dogs loved being sung to. They all love that I wind up a music box as that signals it is time to go to sleep. So read this charming book to your dogs it is worth your time.” Starmagic, USA

“So awesome! I think this book is so cute, and funny, and Bailey here thinks so too, don’t u Bailey? Please read this book, u will be happy u did, and so will Fido there, won’t u Fido?” Jenafay Turman, USA

“At first my mum wasn’t very good at reading me these stories but I was genius at listening. I carry the book to her now and stare for Story Time.” Fly, UK

“My dog Tank and I enjoyed Bone Dog most. We recommend it to young dogs and their owners. It shows even pets can share.” Alice Hildebrand, USA

“5/5 stars I love this book it is my favorite book of the year.” Nancy Erickson, USA