Stories for My Dog:

Out 5 June 2018:

Stories for My Dog is a collection of short stories for you and your dog to enjoy together.

Written to be read aloud to dogs, Stories for My Dog features stories about all kinds of dogs and their people. 

These heart-warming stories about things dog love; you, company, food, dog pals, treats and activities can be personalized by including your dog’s name and adapting the stories to suit you and your dog. 

Stories for My Dog is written especially for dogs and their people and feature words most dogs know like, ‘treat’, ‘walk’, ‘good dog’. You and your dog will love Story Time. Reading Stories for My Dog adds a new dimension to you and your dog’s world. This is a unique book that forges a new, deeper and more rewarding connection with your dog.



“Dogs seem to really like it when their humans talk to them. This book contains some easy-to-tailor short narratives that enable you to be an instant storyteller to your dog (or even a baby). It’s easy to get creative and expand on the book’s entertaining content. If you have new dog, especially a rescue, (or work with rescues) hearing your voice ‘talking’ to them with their name and perhaps a couple of other words that they might recognize mixed in seems to relax them. In my experience with rescues it seemed to facilitate bonding and trust” Dave Doak


The Wild Folk:

From Mountain Thunder: Some folk are born wild. Some have wildness thrust upon them. When Lorna discovers the body of her childhood friend, Lachie, tangled by the tide on a Hebrides beach long-submerged family secrets and murderous truths rise to the surface threatening to wash away everything she holds dear. The Wild Folk, set on the beautiful Isle of Coll, melds modern realism and ancient, archetypal folklore with an elegance and sparsity of words that leaves the reader reeling, and joyfully so.



“This is the kind of story that gets under your skin and ignites the wildness in your heart. An exquisitely-written evocation of a 1970’s childhood on the west coast of Scotland, a haunting contemporary whodunit; each sentence of The Wild Folk is woven with magic” Jackie Stewart,