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A selkie girl talks about The Wild Folk

I think you’ll like this sweet blog post from Hannah of Beach Shack Project, talking about the sea, selkies and The Wild Folk. Says Hannah, “Another interesting thing that came out of talking to Flora was that she called me a “selkie” so in true me-style I had to google the word asap to look it up! Its basically a seal-woman!…

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Flowerspirit Review of The Wild Folk, and giveaway

“Did you know that reading a good book helps you to connect more deeply with other people?” says Jackie Stewart of Flowerspirit. “I don’t usually read crime novels because I hate exposing myself to violence, but The Wild Folk is more of a psychological-mythical mystery than a tale of murder. “It reminds me a little of The Wasp Factory and…

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The Wild Folk in Hebrides News Today

“Following in the wake of Scandi noir comes Scottish noir. Scotland already produces some of the top crime fiction authors in the world and Scottish noir is a favourite among readers worldwide. Appropriate for a novel in the Scottish noir genre, Uist author Flora Kennedy’s THE WILD FOLK was released last week on Black Friday. THE WILD FOLK, available as…

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